Distant Dreams and Contracts

Others naturally noticed the strangeness of the three people to some extent, but in this strange place, in order not to alert anyone, they chose to remain silent. Only the three of them were left in the hall, talking incessantly, looking somewhat like fanatical believers.

Suddenly, the three of them stopped talking at the same time, and there was no sound in the hall. People looked up and saw the three of them, and their eyes were fixed on the remaining corner of the box that no one had entered. At first, people didn't see anything strange, until someone near the corner fell to the ground with a thud, and people felt the black waves constantly emanating from the corner of the box.

Unable to move their bodies, unable to directly see the black waves, but able to feel their advance, everyone was swept over by the black waves one by one, falling unconscious one after another. After a brief astonishment, the eyes of the three people became extremely fervent. They immediately knelt down in worship, but they also fell to the ground when the black waves swept over them. However, compared to the fear of others, the eyes of the three people were full of surprise and delight.

The black waves had a soft, sluggish, and ancient touch, like the spring breeze in March or April, but this touch directly reached the soul, and then my consciousness began to sink.

"I" was transported to the top of the sharp tower along the spiraling stairs, and the people around suggested putting me to death. However, the old woman's purpose was not this. She made a surprising request, inviting me to become a priest.

The three benefits the old woman used to tempt "me" to become a priest:

  1. 5 times of immunity to death. In response, "I" was not moved.

  2. 30 times of immunity to injury (limited to twice a day). In response, "I" said, "Even if it's twice a day, if someone has the ability to kill me the first and second time, they can kill me the third and fourth time. What do I need those 30 times for? Just for show?" and was not moved.

  3. Control over the "toilet". In response, "I" said, "Why do I need this broken toilet?" The old woman said, "This was originally my dwelling place," and led "me" to visit the church staff dormitory. It turned out that the toilet was the boundary between the church staff dormitory and the outside world. The spacious dormitory seemed to be underground, with dim lighting and beds arranged in it, giving a sense of a large communal dormitory. There were also beautiful women living there, and "I" immediately went to flirt with one of them. Perhaps this condition was quite satisfactory to "me".

It seemed like a dream, yet it also seemed like a memory from some ancient existence. When I woke up, some of the people were already in their original positions, lost in thought. Everyone woke up one after another, but they immediately fell into contemplation. Even the three fanatical individuals remained silent, and the hall was still quiet.

"This is a contract of identity! It is the black waves that led us to establish our identity with the ancient existence. The journey ahead will definitely be closely related to the identities we have obtained. Let's talk about our identities and take care of each other!"

A lion-like figure with a commanding presence broke the silence, but then there was silence again, as no one wanted to be the first to speak up.

"Then I'll go first. In my dream, I was appointed as a wizard of a tribe, and from the highest point of the tribe, I could see a towering stone tower in the distance beyond the mountains surrounding the tribe." Following the routine, the lion-like figure did a good job.

The people had no clue about the environment they were in and the strange experiences they had. After someone took the lead, naturally, one by one, they began to open up.

"Really unbelievable. A giant snake was spitting venom around me, and then suddenly it told me to become the snake charmer of the tribe. Oh my god, I'm the most afraid of snakes!"

"Your dreams are all so amazing. In my dream, a blacksmith patted me on the back and said that this shop was entrusted to me. He also said that the church would treat me well. How can this be? I'm not here to work. Life is hard, life is hard!"

"Speaking of which, it seems like I was in that tower. A guard asked me to guard the church for him."


Tribe, tall tower, church, city, simple industry... According to the testimonies of the people, the most important thing should be the church. It would be best for me, as a church priest, not to reveal my identity too early.

"In my dream, I was appointed as a mailman in a town below the tall tower. The person told me not to slack off, as the church needs timely information exchange." There were no flaws. This is my identity.

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