Blue Invitation


It's hard to believe that a delicate card with an azure feather attached is just a prank.

When I showed it to my mom, she paused for a moment and then made a joke, "Alright, I allow you to accept the invitation tonight. I hope there are no dark clouds tonight. The feather looks pretty though."

"Since you like it, you can have the feather." I felt a bit embarrassed because she made me feel childish.

"Don't worry, maybe the invitation comes with a voucher. Remember to bring back a gift for mom~" She turned her head to do housework, seeming not to want to waste any more time on this childish prank.

The moon at night seemed a bit blue. "I must have been bewitched by that card to feel this way," I lay in bed, constantly picturing that card and the feather in my mind.

"Maybe I can give it a try, it won't hurt to try."

Moonlight slowly moved from the head of the bed, inching closer and closer, until it reached the foot of the bed. In that moment, I even felt like the moonlight had turned completely azure. Well then, let's give it a try!

"I see you," I could even see that rich blue color when I closed my eyes!

A dark blue carriage stopped at the foot of my bed. Mysterious azure lines flowed on the carriage body; ink-blue wheels held gemstones emitting a soft light; the curtains and tassels on the carriage rippled with light blue ripples; the creature pulling the carriage had magnificent antlers and a body resembling a jellyfish, with two crystal-clear tentacles extending from under its constantly contracting and expanding "apron" and connecting to the carriage.

A person with a human face wearing a tailcoat descended from above, "A swallow? A strange creature in the form of a swallow," this description was quite fitting.

"Thank you for attending. Please present your identification." "Identification?" Was mom really just joking? I remembered what she said during the day and took out the beautiful feather.

"Identity confirmed~ Feather, please get on the carriage." His gentlemanly demeanor was too polite.

"Feather?" Before I had a chance to think carefully, I already had the answer as soon as I got on the carriage. The feather suddenly turned into a blue light and gathered behind me. A pair of huge and plump azure wings appeared on my back, and miraculously, I felt no difference, as if they had always been there, as if I had always relied on them to fly.

This place was as big as another world. Various "people" appeared here at the same time as me. After a brief astonishment at their own transformations, they began to look around. Everyone remained silent, and I felt a force suppressing my ability to speak and express myself as soon as I got on the carriage.

"Thank you all for attending. Have a pleasant journey!"

Tiny floating creatures in the air gathered to form this sentence. I had never seen these words before, they were like a new form of writing formed by distorting all languages in a strange way. The expressions of others indicated that they were equally amazed that they could understand it.

There were many "windows" around this small world, indicating that we were indeed inside this marvelous carriage. After briefly familiarizing myself with the surroundings, I walked towards the nearest window. We had already started the journey long ago, and the houses on the ground were tiny. Under the blue moonlight, only scattered lights flickered. The moon was parallel to us, shining even brighter in blue. I had to leave the window.

The light from each window was different. I approached the window next to it out of curiosity.

What is this? The fire outside the window was raging, but there was no burning sensation. Suppressing my discomfort, I looked towards the source of the crimson flames. It was a blood moon with raging flames, and if it weren't for the darkness still on the ground, I would never believe it was the moon and not the sun! I quickly moved away, as the crimson flames, though not burning, felt like they were scorching my soul.

Everyone stopped looking curiously, finding a place to rest. For now, it seemed that this journey wouldn't threaten our lives. I began to look forward to the destination of the carriage.

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